Inside Holy Trinity, Belvidere


Holy Trinity, Belvidere, is a rather small village church. It’s really beautiful. I’d “convert” to Anglicanism to go and work there (with my tongue in my cheek ;)). Click on image to enlarge.

A friend, commenting on the photo’s from my holiday quipped, “Maybe churches are such depressing places because they tend to be built in the middle of graveyards.”

Truth? I know he said it in jest but maybe it is true for some. I know for me, and I by no means think I’m a litmus test for the normal or average, graveyards add a bit of personality, character. It’s the spice which flavors the steak so to speak.

Well, I hate leaving things half done. A while back I posted a set of photo’s detailing the grounds and graves of Holy Trinity, Belvidere, but failed to post the pictures taken inside this beautiful little church (click here to check out that set).


The sanctuary looked 100 years old. I’ve got a photo somewhere of me standing in the pulpit when I was a kid pretending to deliver a fire and brimstone sermon. Click on image to enlarge.

I’ve been visiting this church since I was a child and really love it. For me it’s the quintessential South African village Anglican church.

I was going to ignore this but for the sake of full discloser let me say that the sanctuary in the two Anglican churches I visited in the Knysna area contained altars and not communion tables. Synonyms? Find that interesting? I did. I really need to finish Part 5 of the series on tradition don’t I?

Left: There’s a lot in these stained glasses. This is short hand. Mary, Jesus, heaven above, Mary robed in purple, no halos, older children hugging her (so not the brothers and sisters of Christ… unless the baby isn’t Christ hence the lack of halos), forest and garden scene in the back. Caption reads, “CHARITY SUFFERETH LONG AND IS KIND”. There’s a further dedication below but my Nokia N86 8MP’s flash isn’t the greatest. All the kids and Mary have blond hair! Ever met native Middle Easterners with blond hair?
Middle: Big crown, big halo, lot’s of purple leaves falling down, figure clutching palm branch, blue cloak, blonde (see above), no holes on feet or hands, not Christ, no wings, not angel, symbols everywhere, crosses, five sided stars, coat of arms left middle (got any ideas Mike? I could send a higher definition photo if you like), intricate designs on the stole (this must be a priest? Click here for easy to read information (doctrinal warning, not everyone I link to believes what I believe. I don’t even know if you believe what I believe. I don’t even know if this is necessary to state. :)!), date 1932 – 1933 (bicentenary?). Caption can’t be read (I need a better camera for when I go church spotting).
Right: Multi colored bird above (not a peacock which is an expected symbol of eternal life), red winged angel, blonde (um?), halo, small silver crown, ferns in garden below, I can’t read the caption. Click any image to enlarge.

Wanna check out the church:

This is the second set of photos taken of this church. To view the first set click here.


One thought on “Inside Holy Trinity, Belvidere

  1. Remember you are an Anglican because it is a cultural label and that is the way you were raised (one that in later years I’ve become proud of) Your personal faith can be integrated into that or separated from it, that is up to you, but be warned when you hit 40 you start to perhaps “get” your parents and the way they raised you if you are anything like me…

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