Watch out for the following false teachers! (Part 1 of 4)

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false teachers apostate blasphemy Jude Ioudas warning

False teachers are everywhere nowadays. This is a review of Ioudas’ book. Click image to enlarge.

At the church I attend a writer named Ioudas is held in very high regard. I guess you could say that he’s really important, a man who’s words are studied and who’s ideas and theories on Christian life and doctrine are put into practise. He’s very well connected. I was reading a book he wrote which focuses on how to interact with false teachers and teaching in our present day and age. Here’re a couple of highlights I thought were worth sharing:

1. Never mind what you’ve been told the Buddhists and Muslims and Jews aren’t the worst spiritual threat that’s facing the church today, it’s the people claiming to be Christian who aren’t. They’re trying to bring down the church from the inside. Be very careful of them.

2. Don’t be shocked by this because many of the Christian writers and leaders right from the Old Testament to the New have been saying it was going to happen for a very long time. Deal with it.

3. Some of the false teachers reject the truth which is right before their eyes, others reject the truth which has been made intellectually clear to them and still others reject the truth by the way that they live their lives in utter rebellion against God. All of them will be judged harshly.

4. They can be spotted and singled out by the way they chase after their own lusts, absolutely despise the authority of Jesus Christ as Lord and have no regard for God’s holy Law. They don’t even understand the extent of their intentionally sin against Him.

5. Some of them have chosen to reject the Gospel as individuals, worse others have collected followers to themselves and still worse there are those that have created entire spiritual movements in opposition to the Word of God.

6. The reasons why you need to be very wary of these false teachers is that they will try and wreck everything, they will pretend to build up the body but they actually just have selfish motives, they profess to hold “divine truth” but in actual fact they’re spiritually dead, they’ll rant and rave and put on quite a show but it’s all meaningless. They’re like a fad, a passing fashion, a flash in the pan, here today and gone tomorrow.

7. In case you were wondering what they look like: they come in all shapes and sizes, some will be spreading rumours in the background, others will be constantly nagging and complaining causing a ruckus and still others will be trying to dominate in the body, seeking to get into the lime light.

8. In truth they are chasing after their own perverse passions. They want to break up the unity of the body and, although they’d say the opposite, they don’t have the Spirit of the Lord within them at all!

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Anyone else read the book? Who do you enjoy reading?

3 thoughts on “Watch out for the following false teachers! (Part 1 of 4)

  1. …and you, I or Mr Ioudas might just be one of them.

    Without knowing it.


    What strikes me about scriptures teaching on ‘false teacher’s’ is how the Catholics must have used the texts about false prophets – very convincingly – against their protestant detractors.

    • Hi Gus,

      Thanks for stopping by and great comments. Paul says, “…examine everything {carefully;} hold fast to that which is good…”

      I’ve gotten permission to post an audio copy of Ioudas’ book online and I’ll do it today or tomorrow. I’d encourage you to check it out. It’s truly inspiring stuff :).

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