Youth, discovery and spiritual gifts (Part 1)

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Assisting Youth to discover their spiritual gifts and enrolling them to serve in: Introduction (Part 1)

Seriously, does anyone actually take the youth seriously? Click image to enlarge.

You might have seen them around? In the parking lot listening to loud music before the morning service? They’re the ones with funny clothes and bad haircuts? They’re loud with each other but dead still in one on ones and, quite frankly, no one really knows where they stand in relation to Christ? They are the youth.

And when you sit around in church planning workshops everyone nods their heads and pats each other on the back as you think about the successful Friday night programmes or the attendance at “KidZ Church”. Maybe you have even pulled out all the stops and have a line item in the annual budget for “youth worker”.

And yet who is the youth really and why is it that they sit at the back of church and hardly seem involved? Could they possibly be gifted in some spiritually unique way and if they are should they be allowed to use those gifts within the church?

These questions have become increasingly relevant at a time when the church is considered ever more irrelevant to the youth.

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9 thoughts on “Youth, discovery and spiritual gifts (Part 1)

  1. “Seriously, does anyone actually take the youth seriously? ”

    Most churches, no because they are more worried about entertaining the youth and keeping them from their parents.

    Most youth pastor positions are used as “Entry Level” positions.

    “Most churches call the youth the future of the church, wrong they are the church, just as much as any believer” Rick Holland

    Most churches dumb down teaching to children and youth.

  2. Interestingly enough, I’ve been to churches where the youth are actually more stable than the older people (40+). Seriously – they’re more passionate about God and altogether have less issues.

    I realise that’s probably not the norm, but I thought I would throw that out there to stir the pot a little :D

  3. I believe, the children are the future. Teach them well and they….

    No, wait! That’s not it.

    What I meant to say was…

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with your question “Does anyone take the youth seriously?” Most churchs just try to keep them off drugs and on the church premises until they are old enough to start tithing and make tuna casserole for church picnics.

    In other words, until they become “real christians.”

    Which is unfortunate, because my experience working with the youth over the last few years has shown me that they have an enormous faith, and a burning desire to learn more. They don’t want easy answers, and they don’t want to be patronised. They still have a fire for Christ, not just for being a Christian.

    I think they act the way the Church lets them act, and how it expects them to act. So for the church that views them as a nuisance, they will be; and for the church that treats them as full citizens of the Kingdom…. Stand back and be prepared to be amazed.

    • Absolutely precisely what I was trying to convey. Um, except for the tuna casserole (YOU’RE A FISH!).

      One caveat though, I do think that sometimes youth are over exposed when the jury’s still out on where they stand. No one said shepherding was easy.

      You’re amongst my favourite Anglicans on the planet.

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