From Passage to Pulpit – Diagramming for Pastors

Irving Jensen wrote a book called Inductive Bible Study in which he promoted a diagramming technique. It’s a methodological process to assist a student of God’s Word to interact with the text on a very systematic level.

I love God’s Word and have found this process very rewarding over the years. I put this booklet together in order to transfer the skill in a limited time to group of students who have already had some exposure to homiletics and hermeneutics but not necessarily diagraming, outlining or arcing. I have sat down with one group so far and the time was productive.

It’s Jensen’s technique but modified somewhat and simplified a lot in order to transfer the skill in a limited timeframe.

the pics below show the progression of the chart for Galatians 6:6 – 10 as one works towards a sermon.

The eBook can be downloaded here.