Three reasons why you return to your sin like a dog returns to vomit, and three reasons why you don’t have to

Dog vomit, sin, shackles

Sin has a power, it festers, it makes you a slave. Click image to enlarge.

What, you think because I’m the pastor I don’t understand the power of sin? It’s festering grip? Enough about me, let’s talk about Joe Soap (that’s you by the way). Why can’t Joe shake off the shackles of sin? Why do you keep on doing precisely what you don’t want to do? Actually, there are tons of possibilities, here’s a stab at three:

1. You enjoy it, you love it, you revel in it.

Oh, I’ve heard plenty of testimonies of how bad things were before a person came to Christ, and how rosy things are now; but maybe that’s not you. Maybe you think back and you’re not quite sure things were as bad as the guy weeping his heart out at the front of the church says it was.

2. You’re not a mass murderer, it’s not like anyone’s getting hurt by what you’re into.

Like we all know of someone who gets drunk and beats up their wife or kids. Those guys really need Jesus. For their own sake, and the people around them. But you’re not that bad. You’re not hurting anyone. Your sin is under control.

3. You’re on top of things. Yes you sin, but you’re trying really hard to keep Mr Hyde under wraps.

Like everyone else you’re doing what you can. Trying really hard not to get cross, really hard not to watch porn, really hard not to drink, really hard not to… I don’t know what you’re wrapped up in but I know if you try hard enough the neighbours’ll think you’re a saint.

But, it doesn’t work does it? Ever watched a dog return to it’s vomit? It’s a disgusting thing. But they do; again and again and again. Good News is you don’t have to and here’s why:

1. If you love your sin more than Jesus I’ve got to tell you about my saviour.

Sin’s lying to you. Remember Eve in the garden of Eden? Remember the snake? The fruit? Remember what he said? “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” Satan lied. In a way Eve did die that day, and with Adam she lost her ability to choose good of her own free will. Maybe that’s you? Maybe you’ve fallen in love with the forbidden fruit? Don’t feel alone; the Bible says “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” and it says that “the wages of sin is death” and it says that “God’s wrath remains on them.” If you’re a great sinner you’re in need of a great saviour. Jesus Christ lived a perfect live and died so that you may be saved from that wrath, from that death. A wonderful life in eternity is promised, free from sin; and an abundant life in the present can be experienced too, no longer living as a slave to one’s sin.

2. If your sin is as black as night I’ve got to tell you something of God’s grace.

I’ve got one of those testimonies where I tried everything. Well maybe not everything but enough to make my ears burn red and leave me knowing I needed a saviour. For the longest time I didn’t trust anyone who said they’d become a Christian when they were a kid. I just couldn’t see what drove them to the cross unless they’d done something dreadful, something wicked, like me. I underestimated the sinfulness of sin. Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi and whoever else you put up on a pedestal all have something in common: they have a condition they share; sin. Oh their sins may look a little whiter than yours or mine but we’re not their judge. Comparing ourselves to Adolph Hitler or Lady Gaga isn’t helpful when one day we’ll stand before a holy God who’ll compare us to His perfect standard. Even our good works on that day will be like filthy rags. But His grace; His infinitely, brilliant, saving grace, which makes me weep right now even to think of it, is enough! It’s enough to turn you and save you and keep you.

3. If your best isn’t good enough I’ve got to tell you about His best.

I was a dreadful student at school. I remember once or twice my dad sitting me down and saying, “Son, just do you best, that’s all I ask.” God doesn’t demand your best, He demands perfection, and you’re never going to measure up to that. That’s why He sent Jesus. Jesus, the Son of God, is the best. Ever heard that hymn “Jesus paid it all?” We’re beggars at the foot of the cross with nothing to offer. “Jesus paid it all.” Your work, your effort, it’s stupid hypocrisy. Trust in that and on that Day you’re standing on sinking sand. But trust upon the name of Jesus Christ, His finished work upon the cross, and you’re standing on a sure foundation.

What am I saying? Maybe you’re struggling with sin because in truth you’ve not laid the burden of it down at the foot of the cross and come empty handed to the saviour, trusting in His finished work rather than your own; God’s abundant grace rather than your own excuses or a professed a love for the beautiful saviour rather than a lust for the things of the flesh. Maybe this note’s for you.