Baptist Assembly: Day 1, Final Thoughts

I’m tired, the day’s been long, but I thought I’d jot down a few thoughts about the Baptist Union of Southern Africa’s 2012 Assembly so far:

  1. Organisation makes for happy delegates: I’ve really been impressed by the slickness of the planning so far. Registration was a breeze – really I mean it – 400 delegates and I registered in 5 minutes flat. Add to that the parking was really well organised, the programme was followed and ended on time; that supper was good (although I missed it because life throws curve balls all the time)… I’m happy.

  2. The worship: The Rez band will be leading the worship at the conference this year. Besides that fact that there are plenty of familiar faces in the band (Soon-Jong, Billy-Joe, Al, Mikey-Jay…) the songs were God honoring. What a blessing.

  3. The speakers: I’ve been very critical of conference speakers in the past. This year’s conference has kicked off and so far I’m not pulling out my hair. The out going president was somber and weighty; the incoming president thoroughly entertaining but still rooted in Scripture. All in all I think they’ve set a good tone for the rest of the conference.

  4. The fellowship: Old friends reunited. I love that there is a ground swell of good solid Baptists around. I so honored to be counted amongst this people.

All in all the first day of the conference was a blessing to me; I’m looking forward to the early start tomorrow morning.


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