After the sermon on a Sunday we ask the congregation if they have any questions regarding the text.

The first observation comes from a Lynette, who has a MacArthur Study Bible – if ever you are stuck on a desert island and can take one book with you this should be high up on the list.

The second question came from a visitor who sat through the service attentively and took notes during the sermon. I found out afterwards that he works as an intern at a Presbyterian church plant servicing UJ.

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  1. I have a Mac SB (NASB), however I prefer the ESV SB myself. But hey I have almost every SB known to man! ;) I even have E.W. Bullinger’s Companion Bible (KJV). Though I am not a “dispensationalist” strictly speaking, I do like some of the PD – Progressive Dispensationalism! (See, Bock & Blaising’s book: PD)

    • That’s the second time Progressive Dispensationalism has come up today. I’m going to do some reading.

      My faverite Bible I’ve leafed through is a John Brown “Study Bible” – although this was more commentary on the text and was printed in the early 18th centuary. It’s a tome. You’d need a wheel barrow to get it to church on a Sunday :).

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