From Passage to Pulpit – Diagramming for Pastors

Irving Jensen wrote a book called Inductive Bible Study in which he promoted a diagramming technique. It’s a methodological process to assist a student of God’s Word to interact with the text on a very systematic level.

I love God’s Word and have found this process very rewarding over the years. I put this booklet together in order to transfer the skill in a limited time to group of students who have already had some exposure to homiletics and hermeneutics but not necessarily diagraming, outlining or arcing. I have sat down with one group so far and the time was productive.

It’s Jensen’s technique but modified somewhat and simplified a lot in order to transfer the skill in a limited timeframe.

the pics below show the progression of the chart for Galatians 6:6 – 10 as one works towards a sermon.

The eBook can be downloaded here.

5 thoughts on “From Passage to Pulpit – Diagramming for Pastors

    • The content was really easy to present. I know from experiance though that the first 20 times you put this into practise it’s really tough.

      If you do use the material or aspects of it please give me feedback; I’d love to know how it goes.

      Also can I suggest a great resource for the instructor: Inductive Bible Study by Irving Jensen. Key book for the shelf.

  1. Hi Mark
    Yes, I downloaded the booklet, thanks. Our preachers are keen, but not all highly educated – I will probably do it over a number of sessions. I’ve started producing something like this myself a number of times but never actually finished it! Very glad to have your resource.

    • The first pass I made through the content I included a lot more detail regarding hermanuetics (culture, atmosphere, literary forms…). I decided to remove it all because I wanted to target pastors that had some basic homiletics training but no technical diagramming skills; and I wanted the workshop to finish in less than 8 hours. Thinking about it now I should have moved that content to an appendix rather than jetsam it. I’ll consider that next rewrite.

      In Christ, Mark

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