10 days to go (via In Pursuit of Delight)

10 days and counting until the next syncronised Bible read. Joining is as easy as click click click. Then there’s just 31,102 verses between you and the goal of completing the whole Scripture record.

10 days to go Synchronised Read Starts 1st July 2011 10 Days Maybe a few suggestions? 1. Hit the ground running. If you're planning on reading through the Bible with a new translation make sure you go out and buy a copy; soon. 2. I cannot begin to tell you how valuable an audio companion is. By that I mean something like the KJV Audio Bible Dramatized. Might be a bit obvious, but make sure your audio version ties up to your print version :). 3. A consistant ti … Read More

via In Pursuit of Delight


6 thoughts on “10 days to go (via In Pursuit of Delight)

  1. Missed you.
    Haven’t heard from you in a while.
    How is the health?
    Back to your point, how does it work sound like you listen to an mp3 while read scripture?
    What is the schedule?
    Where do get the mp3?

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