Real people with real questions looking for real answers

On Sundays I get asked all manner of questions. This is one of them: What about Tattoos? I’m putting it up here because I know enough people have an opinion on this and if my answer has any glaring Scriptural errors it will get pulled apart in no time.

Of interest one could substitute the word tattoo in the answer below with a plethora of other words: TV, Video Games, Golf, guys night out, alcohol… OK, Paragraph 1 wouldn’t apply to every single one of those :).

Anyone given more than a cursory glance to Revelation 19:16 before? To be honest I’d as soon not include it in the answer but I’m afraid that’d be dishonest (the possiblity exists that it’s a scriptura scripturam interpretatur thing). The hour is getting late, my books are at the church and I need to get some sleep but I did manage to do a few internet commentry lookups: Alas Calvin didn’t get to Revelation, Henry is as helpless as ever and Barnes seems to attribute the thigh to the hilt of a sword (I’m not convinced so I changed the wording of my second sentance from, “…does not directly…” to “…does not clearly…”).

What about Tattoos?

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