Baptism Sunday

Baptism Sunday

My dad, who is an Anglican pastor, will get a kick out of me in a dress (I’ve been teasing him about his cassock for years). Click image to enlarge.

Baptism Sunday

It was a double blessing as we also inducted 9 new members into the church this morning. Praise God! Click image to enlarge.

Baptism Sunday

We had planned to have the Baptism at our new home but in God’s providence it rained and we ended up using the Baptismal font at the church. It was far better. Click image to enlarge.

There’s a South African blog I subscribe to (Thompson’s Two Cents), written by the wife of a pastor. With regularity she posts pictures of Baptism Sunday’s. Every time my heart jumps because there can’t be a more God-honouring, Church-building, Christ-exulting service than a baptism service; when a local manifestation of the Body of Christ gathers to observe, recognise and celebrate the salvation and subsequent obedience of a new convert to Christ who makes a public profession by full immersion baptism.

This morning was Crystal Park Baptist Church’s first Baptism Sunday in 5 years. The excitement was there, the gratefulness and thankfulness and glory to God was there and I was so blessed to be counted among the number of saints who gathered to witness the event.

Praise be to God, after the service a number of other attendees approached me to ask how they too could pursue baptism as a profession of their faith. What a blessing to be part of God’s building of His church.


9 thoughts on “Baptism Sunday

  1. The dress where did you get it Mark? you need a bit of color top go with it before you go out in public with it:) Maybe a waistband?
    Hope you had a blessed Sunday.

    • Haha,

      We had originally planned to do the baptism and the lunch afterward at our home. Liezl and I moved into the neighbourhood two weeks ago and we’re itching to have people over but God intervened and because it was raining cats and dogs on Saturday we moved the baptism to the church.

      Honestly I hadn’t even considered using the font until Saturday morning and so we prized open the false floor that morning to check what we had to work with. Net result: it was great to have the baptism in the service. More people and kids were able to observe the ceremony.

      We only half filled the font and I think you’re right, next time we’ll need to top it up :).

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