Questions and Answers – Marriage and Divorce

Thinking this one through. Still got some white space to fill out. Any ideas?

Marriage and Divorce

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7 thoughts on “Questions and Answers – Marriage and Divorce

  1. John Mc. is a good resource for this, Piper as well. Thouhg BBC is stricter on the re-marraige. I for one think unless there is special circumtsances or an unbeliever simply leaves, there are no grounds for divorce. However God gives grace in all instances. Malachi is a good reference but it is OT, not sure of its context…but yes. the short answer. God hates divorce since Marraige is a sacred covenant.

  2. Hi Mark

    “One Flesh”
    “Intended as a reflection of Christ’s Love for the church.”

    With these in mind can there be righteous divorce?

    Is Divorce in certain cases justified and part of God’s will?

    or is the act of divorce itself sinful?

    Can one be proud of enacting a righteous divorce?

    ie, Is it in some cases the lesser of 2 evils or is it righteous.


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