RFC: Questions and Answers – Awana

This is an RFC. An RFC is a Request For Comments; basically I’m asking for advice.

We’re considering starting a Friday night outreach programme to the kids in our community. There are a million reasons why we think this is a God honoring idea. I don’t want to run on a head of the congregation so we have this Questions and Answers format which allows us to articulate our plans to the wider church community. What do you think about the attempt below?


To find out more about Crystal Park Baptist Church click here. Click the image to enlarge.


5 thoughts on “RFC: Questions and Answers – Awana

  1. You have a unique “problem” half the church being under 16.

    Many churches I have seen have been half of the age of 50.

    I think you have a great idea. It’s always good to be organized and have a program. Everything is planned and everyone knows what is expected from them.

    Just one cautionary note: “Don’t let it come across as Von Trapp kind of evening.”

    Are you using a set of prescribed curriculum or are you going to write your own?

    Writing your own can be daunting and time consuming, you will also have to plan the sequence of your studies better.
    My suggestion is get pre-existing stuff and tweak it a bit.

    I know the BU has or had a booklet of some games for Game Time.
    Be careful for too much game time, some guys find it difficult to switch from “game” to “serious”

  2. Sounds like a good idea Mark we did this all the time when I was in Benoni, Weltevreden Park is using Awana so I dont have a problem with it.
    It is a great opportunity to let the church people getting involved in promoting their “church”

  3. I was in a church where the Scripture Union ran a programme in a similar format as a vacation Bible school.

    They had the kids for three hours in a morning. Most of the time was spent playing competitive games, for which prises were awarded to the winners (or, often, the best cheaters).

    Then they had a 45 minute session with an evanglistic message, singing and so on.

    In the evangelistic message they tried to get across the message of salvation through grace, not works.

    But this message was effectively neutralised by the far stronger message given through the competitive games — that what counts is works, not grace.

    Perhaps in the competitive games they should have given the prizes to those who came last.

    • :).

      Excellent comments/observations. In fact it’s something that the leadership of the previous church I was in gave some serious bandwidth to. Our conclusion, enough of the children filtered through to young adults, filtered through to membership, filtered through to active leadership. I guess we chose the lesser of two evils.

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