Sunset Theology

I had to laugh, my youngest daughter, Kathryn, 5, has been walking around the house singing the latest song that she’s been taught. And it goes something a little like this,

Father Abraham,
had many sunsets,
had many sunsets had father Abraham…

She had my wife and I in stiches because never mind how much we tried to correct her she was adamant that the song lyrics went sunsets and nothing else made sense. I’m fairly sure this doesn’t constitute some kind of a postmodern theological shift but time will tell :).


2 thoughts on “Sunset Theology

  1. Kathryn “But dad,l Abraham had a very long life and so he had seen many sunsets. He only had two sons and one was well…. sent away”

    No is your chance to explain the gospel, who is the many sons he had? (hint sons of faith)

  2. That’s my girl! she is just so incredibly precious. I would be happy to accept that as a word from the Lord that we are held secure in His hands through all the sunsets that we will face. Amen, Rob.

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