Big Brothers

I haven’t figured out if this is automatically generated or not but check out this link and see who’ve I’ve been lumped with: I don’t think I’ve ever been so thrilled in my life; I mean Luther, Calvin, Knox, Hodge, Spurgeon… Mbewe… Penrith. Spurgeon!

I don’t know whether to be flattered by virtue of association or slighted at what might be a cruel practical joke; picking the dullest tool to deprecate the credibility of the rest of the group.

Interestingly, the only person which stands opposed to this illustrious collection of personal heroes is Deborah from Discerning the World.



10 thoughts on “Big Brothers

  1. I may have partially solved the riddle. The author is a South African pastor which may be why he took a group of well-known dead guys and added a couple of lesser-known South African “live” guys.

    Either way I’m still intrigued.

  2. Hi Mark … I had quite a laugh when I read your post, but don’t worry I’ll add some other living legends ;-)

    I’m purely documenting the doctrine and those associated with it to determine for myself where a former Charismaniac, like myself, may find agreement and friendship.

    In my books anyone, alive or dead, who shares the truth, deserves recognition.

    I’m not much of a pastor, but OK at research, so I do my bit researching.

    PS: Thanks for the mention. Oh, and don’t worry about Deborah too much – I’m spending some quality time on her posts ;-)

  3. Well done, now you got to preach about 60,000 sermons, and you will be right up there with Spurgeon and Calvin, but you do have time on your side.

  4. Aaaaaaaaaaah lol lol had to laugh away tooooo Mark I see you mention names in your last sentence lol lol………..

    Well you will probably be told by her you are a Gnostic also lol Yeah I/we used to be involved there for a while and left her site with some others and it was for the good!!!

    I am afraid the spirit around her site is very very deceiving AND dangerous to some? and then she has her own theology muddled up, it is sad.

    Thanks again for the follow on Twitter !!! :-)

    You go and get your 600,000 sermons :-) go go go !!!


    • Hey Elmarie,

      I’m following your RSS feed and Twitter account because I try and keep tabs on everyone who has a voice in the South African Blogsphere.

      To be honest the Deborah comment at the end of the post was a throw away tongue-in-cheek statement. Don’t make anything of it.

      May you continue to grow in your love for Christ Jesus as your Lord and Saviour and work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

      In Christ,


      • Hey Mark

        You are welcome to follow my Twitter feeds. You are welcome to visit our blog also.

        Personally I just felt a need to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with other believers it was the reason to start our blog. There are few Christian blogs in SA (I mean individuals who have blogs) that adhere to our most important command from Jesus in Mat 22:37-40.

        I had my fill with so called Discernment blogs and most of them are not a loving place for True Believers. anyway enough said for now.

        I will also visit here more often now :-)

        Peace and Blessings


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