Church Membership

Church Membership

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So the crafting and presentation of our first four week Bible study class at Crystal Park Baptist Church is nearing completion. I’ve got some polishing to do on the content but I’m quite satisfied with the end result. Where to from here?

Well I’m thinking of running a four week membership series. Again the aim is not to put onerous obstacles up but rather to make sure that future congregants have a clear understanding of what a healthy church member looks like.

Thanks to the Rezolution 2010 I have a copy of Thabiti M. Anyabwile’s What is a Healthy Church Member? He lays down some practical marks and I’m thinking of sculpting a course around them. The content might look something like this:

Week 1
A Healthy Church Member is an Expositional Listener.
A Healthy Church Member is a Biblical Theologian.
Week 2
A Healthy Church Member is Gospel Saturated.
A Healthy Church Member is Genuinely Converted.
A Healthy Church Member is a Biblical Evangelist.
Week 3
A Healthy Church Member is a Committed Member.
A Healthy Church Member is Seeks Discipline.
A Healthy Church Member is a Growing Disciple.
Week 4
A Healthy Church Member is a Humble Follower.
A Healthy Church Member is a Prayer Warrior.

Truthfully it’s quite a task writing one’s own content. I’m struggling to balance work pressures, ministry requirements and family commitments. With that in mind I need to ensure that I’m making the most efficient use of my time. Any ideas? Maybe you’re aware of content out there which is appropriate and accessible to me? Maybe you disagree with Thabiti and you’ve got something to say about what the actual marks of a healthy church member actually are? Speak up. I’m listening.


2 thoughts on “Church Membership

  1. Wow! You really want to do a decent job.

    I respect that very much, try delegating. With asking other peoples advice is a very good start.(Moses did)

    Maybe identify a view guys in church and let each one read one chapter summarize it, and then you check it out and let them, if they want present it with you facilitating it.

    The guy who presents that class or summarizes that chapter will remember more than what he would remember in a class or study group and he will be practice talking in front of others.

    You and the ones listening with you will get to know this guy better. You will able to gage his maturity and talents that can help you in the future.

    There is just so many pay offs if you give members opportunities to help.

    Tim Cantrell once said: “You can’t go wrong with a guess speaker, either he will bless the congregation or the consecration will have new appreciation for you.”
    I’m sure you can source membership class material from other churches, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel maybe just put some “mags” on them.

    Contact the churches you respect and ask them for their material, I’m sure all will be eager to help.

    Mark may your “zeal” for Christ never fade

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