A Penrith Update ∙ January 2011

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Mark, Liezl, Kaitlyn, Kathryn, Penrith, Crystal Park Baptist Church, Newsletter

A Penrith Update ∙ January 2011. Click image to enlarge.


10 thoughts on “A Penrith Update ∙ January 2011

  1. I’m happy for you brother. My God bless your ministry.
    Looking at the chairs in the hall brings back childhood memories.
    Seems every Baptist Church has or had those.

  2. mmm yes.. can’t say I would have noticed the chairs. My view is that the tea after the service is more Baptist. Or Is that my old covenental theology coming through…Hey mark.. you have to watch out for the flabbies now, I have never met a skinny preacher in my life. ( all the tea and cake after the service..)

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