Calvin in a box

Calvin's Commentaries, Commentary, Books, Volume, Set, Good Neighbours

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It was like Christmas at the Penrith’s this evening. You see I got my complete set of Calvin’s commentaries today (all my Methodist friends collectively splutter on their caffè lattes as they read this).

Seriously though, I had borrowed Chris Woolley’s volumes on Genesis and Luke and found Calvin insightful to say the least; so had promised myself that as soon as I could scrape together the funds I would get a set.

Calvin's Commentaries, Commentary, Books, Volume, Set, Good Neighbours

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I picked these tombs up from Good Neighbours, a bookstore located on the property of the English Reformed Church, at 172b Hyperion Dr, North Riding, Randburg, South Africa. I always find the ladies who serve there so well informed and helpful (although they’re really disdainful of Dispensationalists. *sigh* I guess you can’t have it all). I forked out R 2,119.20. Money doesn’t grow on trees so you must know this is something I really wanted.

Calvin's Commentaries, Commentary, Books, Volume, Set, Good Neighbours

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On the way out of the store I was asked for a completed book review by the end of the week. mmm. Maybe not :).

The coffee pot has boiled; the kids are in bed; the radio is playing softly in the background and my favorite couch is unattended. An evening of Calvin on 1 Timothy awaits.

After writing this post my 5 Methodist maatjies [sic]* dropped my RSS feed because, “Let’s face it, Calvin was the Anti-Christ” and my 10 Baptist buddies did the same because “Mark Penrith is friends with Methodists!” :).

* Afrikaans for friend


7 thoughts on “Calvin in a box

  1. Hey Mark – a good Methodist would pray for you, not drop your feed even if your sin was far worse! Seriously though, Calvin made a contribution to theology that can be appreciated by everyone, even if one doesn’t agree with everything he says.
    I envy you the evening with such riches! Hopefully my time will come in the next few weeks (although with library books!!)
    Don’t get so lost in your books that you stop blogging.

    • Hey Jenny,

      One thing I have realised about my Wesleyan brothers and sisters is that they’re far more forgiving of Theological deviance than my more conservative Baptist family.

      On a related note my next book purchase will be a 1800’s fully illustrated edition of John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress. I can’t wait!

      Thanks for bearing with this fuddy duddy Fundamentalist.

      In Christ,


  2. Jealous, oh so jealous. Enjoy them. Got them for a reasonable price nice.
    Waiting for the book reveiw.
    I take it your preaching on 1 Timothy?
    You said your studying again, what and through whom.

    • Yes, we’re covering 1 Timothy at Crystal Park Baptist Church.

      Where I’m studying and why might be one of those things that I ought to blog about lest my more conservative friends faint and fail me. I’m currently at the Baptist Theological College.

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