*THUD* (via Because He Lives)

I’m in real pain today. I have a tooth that is in desperate need of a root canal or a good old fashioned yank. It’s left me incapable of thought. So although I wanted to post the start of a new series this morning I can’t; and although I would like to respond to Lance, Jenny and Deborah I simply shouldn’t.

To tide over I’m re-blogging something for the first time ever. It’s a post I wrote in 2009 that’s been read by 3 people. It’s about teeth. Kinda.

*THUD* Cheese. This morning was a mad rush. I spent too long in the shower and had no time to mess around. In a spin I grabbed the dental floss and went to work while packing my laptop bag. *THUD* “What was that?” Lying on the top of my bag was the filling that used to cap my maxillary first molar. “Arrgh,” my reaction was not one of pain but frustration, now I’d have to go to a dentist and with mild odontophobia … Read More

via Because He Lives


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