Carolling, Candlelight and Crystal Park

Crystal Park Baptist Church
Crystal Park Baptist Church
Crystal Park Baptist Church

Crystal Park Baptist Church‘s Carols by Candle; good food, good fellowship, good worship, good times. Click image to enlarge.

Over the last month I’ve been niggled by how much of the so-called “Christmas tradition” at its kernel is Pagan. I’m increasingly bothered by the triviality and frivolity of the silly season. Whether one considers the dating, the Santa or the mistletoe it seems that what should be a joyful Christian celebration is under assault and has largely been usurped by the world. No wonder its such a widely celebrated holiday.

Popular culture aside, Christians world over remember the birth of Christ this time of year. One of the ways we do this is by carolling, which if wikipedia is to be believed started off in Australia. Crystal Park Baptist Church held their Carols by Candlelight service last week. Two guitars, a piano and a hall full of hearty singers lent praise and worship to our Lord God and Savior, Jesus Christ.


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