Christian Leadership, More boxes (Part 4)

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Sorry about the lack of posts but I’ve been somewhat distracted. Liezl, the kids and I move to a new church on the East Rand of Johannesburg (in Benoni) at the end of this month. What an exciting time! Anyhow, if you’ve been following this series you’d know that I’ve been looking at Christian Leadership Theory, specifically the writings of Dr Neal McBride’s How to Lead Small Groups (1990:29-42) and Dr Reggie McNeal’s The Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church (2003:120-139). I wasn’t too impressed with either. McBride seemed too taken with Shrinkology and McNeal, well, he’s coming up today.

The Situational Leader

The church I’ll be moving to has a small but rapidly growing congregation. The concept of being able to balance tasks and people, being direct with being passive and knowing when to start and when to end is a skill I’m going to desperately need to acquire.

Shared Leadership

I frequently miss the opportunity to allow others to develop by not sharing responsibility for tasks. By valuing the end product too highly I lose the opportunity of engaging people in the creative journey along the way robbing them of growth which would pay dividends later on. This is again an area that I need to focus on as Shared Leadership is part and parcel of local church polity.

So that’s the end of McBride. Now I realised that I knocked the method without offering a better alternative. I believe I should have written a defense for developing a systematic understanding of Christian Leadership or possibly a Historical understanding. Maybe if I take the course at a higher level I’ll be afforded the time and words :).

Now I turn attention to McNeal’s past-present motifs: Priest or Holy Person, Shepherd or Pastor, Educator or Wordsmith, Managers or Program Directors, Chief Executive Officer or Manager and then later Apostolic Leadership

Priest or Holy Person

At this stage I really liked McNeal’s motifs because they’re a bit more functional and remind me of what I’ll be doing: weddings, funerals, baptisms, prayer, and other rites of passage; the relational parts of religion. What a joy, blessing and honor.

Shepherd or Pastor

I already serve as a preaching, teaching, counseling elder at Midrand Chapel but I do anticipate that the level of service in the role I’ll be entering into will be significantly higher and again I’m excited to be involved in those relational aspects of leadership.

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