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My wife says my “consistently serious posts” would work better if I had a readership of 10,000+ but since I only have 10 “fanatical” followers (including mom, who doubles as my spelling and grammar editor) I need to mix it up a bit. To that end, and because I liked Ryan Peter’s comment in a previous post so much, I thought I’d blog it and my answer.

Ryan Peter: You a dispensationalist, Mark? Surprising :)

Mark Penrith: Hey Ryan,

How did you link me being a Dispensationalist to this article :)? [editor: I’ve subsequiently figured it out]

Most Postmodern Christians hate being boxed. I spend so much time boxing myself (and am therefore so dreadfully nuanced) that I no longer fit conveniently into any of the boxes available to me. Ha, let that be a lesson!

Wayne Gorden, from Sandton Bible Church, once asked me, “Are you Reformed?” After listening to my response (which took about 10 minutes) I asked him how he defined himself. His answer has never been far from my mind. With a wry smile he wisely said, “Oh, I’m just a Bible believing Christian.”

And finally, I’m full of surprises ;).


5 thoughts on “Q & A

  1. A Bible believing christian? now that is a bit of a copout. It does not say anything really if you think about it. We live by our creeds as defined by the scriptures, that in my view is “being reformed” Otherwise why do spend so much time studying the Bible systematiclally?
    Treu we live by “sola scriptura” but that in itself is a statement of truth that is part of our creed. Mark, I thinky you should hold out for a more deifinitive answer!

  2. Mixing serious posts with mirth and other topics doesn’t necessarily increase your readership.

    Nor does publishing a wildly popular(!) book that for one hour made it into the 60,000’s on the Amazon Sales Charts.

    Some of us toil in obscurity, and that’s not all bad.

    TRUST ME, Mark.

    • Hi Jeff,

      It’s good to see you again. You’re right on all points.

      I’ve been struck by the invaluablity [sic] of blogging this week. It’s opened up doors and hearts and given me opportunities to minister in a way that I’d have not had if I hadn’t toiled away.

      Man… reading Baptism Sunday At A Prison gave me goosebumps.

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