Of Truth, Love and Liars

Mark Penrith 2 John 1 - 3 sermon Living in Truth

2 John 1 – 3, Living in Truth: Two ways we’re called to live out the truth of God in our daily lives is love in truth and abide in the truth. Click here or on the icon to link to the pdf.

Mark Penrith 2 John 4 sermon Walking in Truth

2 John 4, Walking in Truth: Another two ways we’re called to live out the truth of God in our daily lives is to find pleasure in truth and to walk the path of truth. Click here or on the icon to link to the pdf.

Mark Penrith 2 John 1 - 3 sermon Loving One Another

2 John 5 – 7, Loving One Another: Built on the foundation of truth our daily walk must be characterised by love for our brethren which is obedience to God’s Word. Click here or on the icon to link to the pdf.

Mark Penrith 2 John 1 - 3 sermon Guarding the Truth

2 John 8 – 13, Guarding the Truth: In order to cling fast to the teachings of Jesus Christ we ought to be on our guard and be inhospitable toward false teachers. Click here or on the icon to link to the pdf.

Liezl and I have been considering moving to a new church for the last few months. It’s not an easy decision to make, moving from what you know, what you’re comfortable with and those whom you love to that which one does not know, that which frightens one and those whom you have yet to build deep relationships with.

As part of the decision making process I’ve preached through the book of 2 John at the prospective church. I chose it for a few reasons (not least because of its size, the original manuscript could have fitted on a single sheet of papyrus and is less than 300 Greek words). My wife, who’s also my most trusted critic, was encouraging.

If you collect sermons then these resources below are invaluable:

John Street’s sermon series entitled “You’re Not Welcome” (best sermon series through the book of 2 John that I’ve heard and I’m most edified by his approach to preaching).

John MacArthur (always enlightening. I thought he was a bit loose on the delivery of this book, but who’m I to judge :) ).

Alistair Begg (first time I’d heard him preach and he was ok… particularly his analogies).

Mark Dever (what a commanding voice).

My pick of the week was between three new comers to my homiletic repertoire. John Street was my hands down favourite.

John Street Grace Community Church elder

Dr. Street is a second-generation pastor and has been in the teachcing and pastoral ministry for 33 years. He is a frequent conference speaker around the United States, Australia, Germany and Switzerland (training classes, retreats, marriage and Bible conferences, etc.). He has served as an assistant professor at Cedarville and Cornerstone Universities. He also served for one year as the Acting Director of Admissions at Cedarville University. He was the founding pastor of Clearcreek Chapel in Springboro, Ohio where a strong Bible preaching ministry and biblical counseling program included training scores of pastors. He is a regular contributor to The Biblical Counselor and The Journal of Biblical Counseling and is an editor of The Journal of Modern Ministry.

Dr. Street is a fellow, board member and Vice President of the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors, and is also a member of the Evangelical Theological Society. Dr. Street is an elder at Grace Community Church and continues to pastor the Fellowship group, Joint Heirs. He is serves as the Chair of the graduate program in Biblical Counseling (MABC) at The Master’s College and teaches pastoral counseling classes at The Master’s Seminary (Pastoral Counseling, Marriage & Family Counseling and Advanced Counseling). Dr. Street has a wonderful wife, Janie, and four children, Krista (married to Sean Breedveld), Melissa (married to Jess Arnds), twins Jay and James. He is also a blessed grandfather of three grandchildren, Abby and Austin Breedveld and Felicity Arnds.


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