Gary Gilley Sandton Bible Church (A Notice to all Christians in the Gauteng Area)

Sandton Bible Church Gary Gilley Labourers Conference Missions Conference

Sandton Bible Church (the goods guys in the Northern Suburbs) are holding their annual Missions Conference from the 12th – 17th of October 2010. This is going to a be a treat as the keynote speaker is Gary Gilley. Click the image to enlarge.



Paul Tripp

Dr Gary E. Gilley has pastored at Southern View Chapel since 1975. Along with his preaching and teaching ministry, he is also the author and editor of the monthly contemporary theological issues publication Think on These Things. In addition to speaking at various conferences throughout the country and overseas, Dr Gilley serves on the respective advisory boards of the Illinois Bible Church Mission and the Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission. He is a graduate of The Moody Bible Institute and Cambridge Graduate School, both in the U.S. He and his wife have two sons. He is also the author of This little Church Went to Market.


3 thoughts on “Gary Gilley Sandton Bible Church (A Notice to all Christians in the Gauteng Area)

    • Hey Ryan,

      How did you link me being a Dispensationalist to this article :)?

      Most Postmodern Christians hate being boxed. I spend so much time boxing myself (and am therefore so dreadfully nuanced) that I no longer fit conveniently into any of the boxes available to me. Ha, let that be a lesson!

      Wayne Gorden, from Sandton Bible Church, once asked me, “Are you Reformed?” After listening to my response, which took about 10 minutes, I asked him how he defined himself. His answer has never been far from my mind, with a wry smile he said, “Oh, I’m just a Bible believing Christian.”

      And finally, I’m full of surprises ;).

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