Paul Tripp, Christ Church Midrand (aka Notetaking 101)

Paul Tripp

Salvador Dali, Nietzsche and Paul Tripp all have something in common :). Know what? Hehehe. I found it a bit distracting. Drop me a comment. Click image to enlarge.

Went to listen to Paul Tripp at Christ Church Midrand last night. I love meeting with those guys, they make me feel part of something bigger than myself. Anyway, there’d been quiet a build up around Mr Tripp. He didn’t disappoint, I walked away a bit enlightened, very entertained and kinda amused (boy can that guy turn a tail [scratch that [sic]. My mother pointed out that dogs have tails but Paul tells tales. Gosh, you’d think I’d have known that by now.]!).

After the talk a young Christian came up to me and noted how fun the talk was, how captivating and engaging the topic was but how different it was to the sermons that he hears at church on Sundays. It was a great observation. In fact without knowing it he’d picked up on the difference between expository preaching and topical teaching (and could point out which was more edifying too).

Thing is Paul didn’t bother with exposition much: He catapulted off a single verse into a running series of amusing analogies and funny antidotes, tying it all up together at the end into a nice neat little parcel. It was appropriate for a midweek breakaway (in fact our Bible study chose to skip our regular meeting to go through and listen to him). Topical talks have their place and I enjoyed the two I listened to. It was like going to the movies… expect we didn’t have popcorn… or Coke… and the lights stayed on :P.

I’ve been posting really boring stuff lately so I thought that I’d give this post a little less thought. Below you can see my notes from the evening. The pictures represent long stories that he used to illustrate points. The boxed quotes are a delivery techniques he used that preceeded important points. “I’m deeply persuaded…” or, very slowly, “Hear… what… I’m… about… to… say” (I want to get better at using stuff like that).

Paul Tripp Christ Church Midrand CESA

Stappled apples, family reunions, bicycles and ice in a tumbler, Hurshies (I’ve never had one of those, are they nice?), amusement parks, toy boxes and law courts. Lot’s of stories. Click the image to enlarge.

The key quotes from the first session Parenting the Heart of Your Child (ok, I can’t remember the actual title) were, “There’s nothing that comes out of the mouth of a drunk which wasn’t there in the first place” and “We cannot hope the law will do what only grace can accomplish”.

Paul Tripp Christ Church Midrand CESA

Second hand car salesmen, Nuclear war, driving at night and alarm clocks going off with doggy breath. I guess you needed to be there? Click the image to enlarge.

The second session, Dealing with Marriage, was particually amusing. The quotes I enjoyed were, “I want, I want, I want. I want to reduce my world down to a claustrophobic kingdom of one” and “You’ll never understand the horizontal war until you understand what its rooted in.”

Paul Tripp

Paul Tripp is the president of Paul Tripp Ministries, a nonprofit organization, whose mission statement is “Connecting the transforming power of Jesus Christ to everyday life.” This mission leads Paul to weekly speaking engagements around the world. In addition to being a gifted communicator and sought after conference speaker with Paul Tripp Ministries, Paul is on the pastoral staff at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he preaches on Sunday evenings and leads the Ministry to Center City. Paul is also Professor of Pastoral Life and Care at Redeemer Seminary in Dallas, Texas and has taught at respected institutions worldwide. As an author, Paul has written eleven books on Christian Living that are read and distributed internationally. He has been married for many years to Luella and they have four grown children.


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