The Royal Line of Salvation (Part 15)

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“Then rose up Zerubbabel …and began to build the house of God…” (Ez 5:2)

In God’s consistency He always punishes sin. The nations of Israel and Judah had been taken away into captivity by the Assyrians and the Babylonians and that might have been were the story ended: a nation destroyed by their wilful disobedience to God.

But God remembered the remnant of Israel. Zerubbabel and Jeshua, the high priest, led a contingent back and began to rebuild the temple. They started with the altar of burnt offerings and later the temple itself.

God’s promise of a permanent cure for the stain of sin was nearing fruition.

This series attempts to answer the question, “Present a “Royal Line of Salvation” throughout the Old and New Testament. Start at Genesis 3:15 passing through Isaiah 9:6 and ending at John 3:16. Join together at least twenty verses outlining the salvation story.” by giving a chronological account of the genealogy of Christ recorded in Luke 3.

Want to hear the verse in context? Luke 3
What is this about?

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