Olievenhoutbosch outreach: African Context (Part 8)

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Olievenhoutbosch African Time Campus Crusade for Christ Midrand Chapel Olieven Baptist Church Jesus Film Apartheid segregation

Sammy in action. It was great to see a number of Midrand Chapel folk that had never been involved in evangelism coming and taking part. Gavin is somewhere in the dark recess of this photo. Click image to enlarge.

It is not easy planting a church across racial, social and economic divides in South Africa. We’ve been so insulated and segregated by Apartheid that even today we’re often misaligned from and misconceive one another. The missing link is of course communication. The more information our church gets regarding the ups and the downs, the good and bad, the challenge and the victory the better Midrand Chapel will relate and interact with the community we’re trying to reach with the Gospel. The leadership of Midrand Chapel will need to work on bettering interaction and communication to their congregation as they’re not currently facilitating this process adequately.

I was very encouraged to see that the various mercy ministries and outreach opportunities at Olieven are being well supported by Midrand Chapel congregants. There is a ground swell of enthusiasm in the church around being part of God’s mandate to reach out to the nations.

<— Click here for Part 7

One thought on “Olievenhoutbosch outreach: African Context (Part 8)

  1. bless you man of God. Good work in Olievenhoutbosch. My project on the same place is in prophetvanto.wordpress.com. I am happy to read your blog and have subscribed to it. Will connect you on facebook. I stay in Hill of Good Hope in midrand.
    Prophet Vanto

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