Time Management

Time Management

How ought we to manage our time? Click image to link to pdf.

At Midrand Chapel we have an hour of Bible study every Sunday after the sermon. We do Sunday School after the normal church service between 10:30 and 11:30 so that families can worship together; and when the kids scatter the parents gather for a second teaching. Called it Sunday School for adults if you like.

Now we’re sensitive to the fact that people have just sat through a 40 minute sermon and we’re also cognoscente that the preaching at our church can be quiet cerebral so we endeavor to keep the second session as practical as possible.

For the last two weeks we’ve looked at the Management of Work, the Management of Leisure and this week we looked at the Management of Time. If you click on the big pocket watch (or here) you can download our notes from this Sunday.

As always I could do with some constructive feedback. Thomas and Dion, do you read this blog? Isn’t this up your alley?


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