Olievenhoutbosch outreach: African Time (Part 7)

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Olievenhoutbosch African Time Campus Crusade for Christ Midrand Chapel Olieven Baptist Church

We borrow equipment from Campus Crusade for Christ. This was the first time I had watched the Jesus Film. Click image to enlarge.

On the evening of the first showing of the Jesus Film I asked Sammy, “What time should I tell the helpers to arrive?” His response confounded my Western mindset, “When the sun goes down.”

His disregard for a set time suited the event however. The atmosphere was relaxed with little regard for beginnings or endings. People strolled in and out of range as they felt comfortable the whole evening. In fact my internal desire to over plan things would have been a hindrance given the context.

Vagueness however is not only restricted to time in Africa. It tends to extend to other aspects of organisation like planning, coordination and accountability as well. Because Olieven is being planted by Midrand Chapel, a Western influenced congregation, it is here that Sammy needs to develop.

<— Click here for Part 6 Click here for Part 8 —>

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