Olievenhoutbosch outreach: The Jesus Film (Part 4)

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The Jesus Film Olievenhoutbosch

The Jesus Film, I’ve watched it in Tswana and Pedi but never English. I’m hoping it’s Kosher ;). Click image to enlarge.

A Wednesday evening Bible study meeting in Sammy’s home is made up exclusively of people who viewed The Jesus Film over the past year. The movie, based on the Gospel of Luke, is almost a word for word enactment of The Good News Bible. It is projected against the side of a house with a white washed wall which is well positioned next to a dusty field and a bustling road. When the darkness descends the movie begins, the people come and the evangelists start harvesting.

<— Click here for Part 3 Click here for Part 5 —>

One thought on “Olievenhoutbosch outreach: The Jesus Film (Part 4)

  1. Wow, you guys are really happening! This whole outreach sounds so good. Is your church financing the whole thing? Have spiritual oversight? Maybe you answered that in your previous posts – I’ll go and reread!

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