Steve Tshwete Secondary School tutoring and Olievenhoutbosch outreach

Steve Tshwete Secondary School

This Saturday 10 tutors met at the Steve Tshwete Secondary School. Click image to enlarge.

On Saturday morning 10 members from Midrand Chapel congregated at Steve Tshwete Secondary School in Olievenhoutbosch and assisted the Grade 10 learners with extra lessons in English, Maths and Science.

Over the past few years this school’s Matric pass rate has steadily declined. Sammy Leballo, a missionary and church planter from Midrand Chapel, identified this as an avenue to build bridges into the community. The children’s need, matched with the Chapel’s skills and Sammy’s mandate mean that the community can see a group of Christians authentically making a difference.

Tutoring at the Steve Tshwete Secondary School

This week the tutoring intervention was three to one. Click image to enlarge.

20 learners and 10 tutors arrived. At the end of the morning it was agreed that the programme will need to run twice a month to be successful. Each Saturday two tutors would be required for each subject (if my Maths is correct that means six a week). The groups will be broken into three smaller units and rotated at 45 minute intervals through the English, Maths and Science classes. The classes will run from 8:30am until 11:30am.

Tentatively the dates are:

  • 10th and 24th of April
  • 8th and 22nd of May
  • 10th and 24th of July
  • 7th and 21st of August
  • 4th and 18th of September
  • 2nd and 16th of October
Empty stand across the road from the School

An empty stand across the road from the school might be an ideal place for a church building to be established. Click image to enlarge.

Maybe you could help? We need more tutors for this to be successful. People need only to commit to one week a month. If you could assist tutoring English, Maths or Science could you please drop a comment and I’ll get the details to you. Maybe you can’t tutor but could assist someone who can (mark class tests so the results can be given at the end of the class, make sure the boards are clean, that there’s chalk available, assist the kids… whatever).

Did this interest you? Click here ( for more regarding Steve Tshwete Secondary School and Olievenhoutbosch.


20 thoughts on “Steve Tshwete Secondary School tutoring and Olievenhoutbosch outreach

    • Hi Jenny,

      That’s mainly for me. I was such a terrible student whilst at school that I couldn’t rightly tutor anyone now. That said I’m great with a duster so I can clean the blackboards, make sure that the process goes smoothly and assist with some of the menial tasks.

      The bigger picture is how this complements the church plant. This could really be a wide open door for the Gospel which is of course our prayer.

  1. Great initiative, I would like to join this. I stay in Thatchfield. I can help on Maths and Accounting.

    my contact no is … and … office.

    • Hi there Fundile,

      I removed your contact details, there are some real weirdos on the net.

      I’ll pass your number onto Sammy Leballo and ask him to give you a ring.

      In Christ,


  2. Hi i hope this initiative didn’t fly with 2010. i can help with business related subjects, more esp acc. used to teach acc and tourism. pls revive this.

    • Hey there,

      Unfortunately the ministry ran into what I think was bureaucracy and was scuttled.

      Sammy Leballo is still engaged in the community. Would you like his contact details?

  3. I was once a learner in this school and it brings me joy that there is now it has been noted.the teachers are wonderful and gave me true education indeed. i am now in my 3rd doing a Bsc in Electrical Engineering.thank you steve Tshwete. Thank you to the Midrand Chapel for visiting these grade 10 students, im sure that they highly apreciated it.

  4. I am the learner in this school and believe it may not be that great but is the best school to be in.we have amazing teachers like mr mashego,mrs mtimunye,mr mtimunye,etc and we have the best head master ever.

  5. i am a former student as tha school, currently doing my second year in varsity and i can help tutor for english… can i be sent relevant information to start ?

  6. Hey I’m lerato matshaneng and I’m schooling at Steve tshwete secondary.I have a problem in my class because most of us don’t understand accounting,so I was hoping maybe we could get someone who could assist us with accouning

  7. Good day
    I am a passionate maths and science qualified teacher. I want to open a Saturday school to help the schools around Olievenhoutbosch with maths and science. Could you please assist me in getting this project of the ground.

    • Hi there Vukile, Thanks for dropping a comment. Unfortunately I moved away from the area about 3 years ago and I’m unsure how and what work is continuing at the High School. I suggest you contact the school directly. I commend you enthusiasm.

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