How to beat the South African Time Thief

MP3 sermon traffic N1 South Africa

The William Nicol offramp on the N1 gets me every time. It’s more like a parking lot than a highway. Click image to enlarge.

I live about 40 km’s from the office but it takes me an hour to get there. Traffic in Johannesburg is a real pain. To bide the time I used to listen to 702 but recently (the last 6 months) I’ve found another way to trick the time thief. I listen to MP3’s.

So I started on MacArthur to the office and Piper on the way home but last week I struck gold. I listened to Woolley, Cantrell and Haag. “mmm,” you might be thinking, “Who’re they?”

Well they’re South African (they’re not all South African, South Africa, but they all live here and pastor churches here). They talk into the South African situation and I’m really enjoying their Biblical perspectives.

I’m compiling a page where I track the sermons I’ve listened to for the week and what I thought about them. Check it out here (

Who you listening to?


2 thoughts on “How to beat the South African Time Thief

  1. Hi Mark

    I too use my commute here in London to work through many hours of sermons. I however cycle and run to work so do not find myself sitting in traffic but moving through it. I also spent many hours on my bike a few years ago as I trained for and Ironman so my iPod was my best friend.

    As well as MacArthur and Piper I listen to our Church’s 2 podcasts if I have missed a sermon Morning and Evening.

    Probably my favorite expositor of the word is Dr. Art Azurdia I heard him first  from the Masters Seminary Chapel podcast a few years ago and found his website soon afterwards. I would encourage you to download some of his sermons as I am sure you will enjoy him. My wife and I were fortunate enough to go and hear him at a conference in Wales a few years ago when he was here in the UK.

    I also listen to the podcast of a radio program in the States called Stand to Reason which is a great Apologetics Q&A show.

    Lately I have also  found this Systematic Theology class by Wayne Grudem that I have started working through which I break in and out of as I feel like it.

    Hope some of this turns out to be helpful.


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