Churches in my city I would happily attend

Looking for a church in your area were the preaching is expository, the pastors are switched on and the doctrine is sound? These are the 9 churches I’d attend. Click on any of the colored markers or hit the ‘View Larger Map’ tag.

I’m really picky. If I know you and you’re not on the list it’s probably because I don’t know you well enough or because… well… you’re not a Calvinistic, Dispensationalistic, Lordship Salvationistic, Pre tribulational, Pre millennial, elder led, discipline practicing, believer baptising, fully dunking, expository teaching, Fundamentalistic, Cessationistic, Substitutionaryily Atonementistic… church. Towards the end I was just making stuff up;).


12 thoughts on “Churches in my city I would happily attend

  1. Hi Mark

    I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago and have you my reader now. Amazing thing is I used to go to Grace Church Primrose when I lived in SA ( I am now in the UK)

    I see you are based in Midrand. Do you by any chance know Gary Holland? He attends the same church as me here and used to go to a church in Midrand when he lived in SA?

    • Hi Grant,

      It’s such a small world.

      I don’t think that I know Gary Holland but I certainly know the folk at Grace Church Primrose. Nice bunch of believers.

      Which church do you attend in the UK?

      In Christ,


      • Hi Mark

        I attend Duke Street Church and have been there since we moved here which is over 5 years.

        I attended Grace Primrose for about 8 years so I know a lot of people there and also the Joel and some at his Church in Pretoria, I agree that they are good solid Churches.

    • Hi Steve,

      Yes, I certainly am a Fundamentalist and these churches would all describe themselves as Fundamentalistic churches (I think).

      That said they are not doctrinally homogeneous. Christ Church is a bunch of solid Covenantalists (when all the rest are Dispensational). Sandton Bible Church are not quiet Calvinists and not quiet Arminianists (when all the rest are Calvinists).

      I’m almost positive most people don’t care. I’m excited that you asked the question though.

  2. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the reply — just out of curiosity, which is your home church.

    I’m not sure what the difference is between covenantalist and dispensationalist — i know what dispensationalist isd, but I’m not sure what covenentalist means.

    Do any of them promote or approve of the teaching of John Macarthur?

    • Hi Steve,

      I attend Midrand Chapel.

      I tried to touch on the differences between Covenantalism and Dispensationalism here ( under the heading The Big Picture. Basically the difference is in the interpretation of unfulfilled prophecy which leads to two different views of Ecclesiology. I gave some thought last night to what might bind all of these churches together and I think it would be that they are all Evangelical (in the traditional sense of the word).

      Grace Church Primrose (Virl Tait), Grace Fellowship Pretoria (Joel James), Antioch Bible Church (Tim Cantrell) and Midrand Chapel (Chris Woolley) are all led by full time elders who graduated from The Masters Seminary. John MacArthur is the president of that seminary. How did you make the link?

    • I posted this long before I met Tyrell or started listening to Martin. At the time I was a degree separated from BU churches, considering them far too liberal in their associations.

      I’ve subsequently reformed and would gladly count a number as allies amongst them Germiston, Constantia Park, Central Pretoria, Springs… to name a few.

      I’ll be fulltime from 1 June and will spend some time updating this post.

  3. First check if I am “switched on”, Mark. Just kidding. When in Pta pop in for some good books, a chat and coffee!

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