Pass me some more Lausanne please? (Part 1)

Lausanne Cape Town South Africa

Seriously, I thought Lausanne and lasagne where were (thanks mom) synonyms. Click image to enlarge.

This year a congregant from Midrand Chapel, Karl Buchan-Smith, will be presenting a paper at Lausanne. Chris, our pastor, got really excited and mentioned that he wished he could attend. I nodded my head in a saintly way but in side I was thinking, “Why on Earth would a Godly man like Chris be so concerned about a conference discussing pasta!”

Naturally I’ve caught up a bit. “At the urging of evangelical leaders worldwide, the Lausanne Movement will hold the Third Congress on World Evangelisation in Cape Town, South Africa, 16-25 October 2010. The goal of Cape Town 2010 is to re-stimulate the spirit of Lausanne represented in the Lausanne Covenant: to promote unity, humbleness in service, and a call to action for global evangelization.” (

I’m planning on writing a few more posts as I dig a bit deeper into what this movement is all about, what this movement stands for, what are the outcomes of decisions taken during this movement’s conferences and who from the evangelical world supports these conferences anyway?

I’m looking forward to learning a bit more. Do you know anything that could fast track my progress?


2 thoughts on “Pass me some more Lausanne please? (Part 1)

  1. Couldn’t make that mistake. We barely knew lasagne when we were kids (that kind of pasta wasn’t fashionable back then), and my great-granny was born in Lausanne – so it was also the name of my grandfather’s farm.

    But by all means let’s hear more about Lausanne.

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