How to interact with “Christians” that are just plain wrong (Part 2 of 4)

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false teachers apostate blasphemy Jude Ioudas warning

False teachers are everywhere nowdays. This is a review of Ioudas’ book. Click image to enlarge.

I’ve just finished reading a great book by an author named Ioudas. I had read a biography about him a while back and know that he’d probably have wanted to spend his time writing about salvation but instead focuses on false teachers and apostasy. He was born in the Mediterranean region and his name is exactly the same as the man who betrayed Jesus Christ, that chief of apostates, the traitor Judas. How ironic.

Well towards the end of his book after he’s addressed the dangers of false teachers, what their sin looks like, the kernel of what they teach and what their lives look like he goes on to describe what our response to them should be and it might not be what you’d think it should be:

1. Firstly, not every person that you encounter which has strayed from mainline doctrine is as evil as evil can be. Some people are just wavering. If being a false teacher is a journey then we might say that they’ve taken the first tentative steps down the ladder descending to hell. That said we need to have real compassion for them, interact with them and try to pull them back.

2. Second, others will have gone further down the spiralling path towards destruction. That’s the nature of the beast I guess. Ioudas says that we’re to try every mechanism, a last gasp attempt to save these folk, to point out their falsehood, and lead them back to the straight and narrow.

3. Finally, others are sold in hook line and sinker. They’ve hit the bottom, the low, they’re in the pit they just don’t know it yet. Are we to leave them to their own devices? Are these the false teachers we’re to spurn? No, not at all. We’re still to interact, but really, really carefully because they’re about as vile as vile can be. It’s like they’re sick, have a disease and even though you should engage with them you need to take every precaution not to catch what they’ve got.

The last part of the book deals with us staying holy in spite of this task we’ve been given of interacting with the unholy. I’ll post it tonight or tomorrow (actually I’m really excited to get to the end of this series). Oh, guess what, I have permission to post the entire audio book online which I’ll do with the next instalment.

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Anyone else read the book? Who do you enjoy reading?


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