Am I allowed to just chill?

My tooth is kiling me. Click image to enlarge.

Last night I was writhing on the floor in agony as one of my teeth declared Holy Jihad against the rest of my body. This morning I’m absolutely kaput. So tired in fact that the post I wished to write on How should Christians interact with other Christians will just have to wait. As such, and because I’d like to post something in spite of my infirmities, I thought I’d give some insight into my current online shenanigans.

Firstly I’m interacting. Here’s an example of an ongoing conversation on the blog of Jenny Hillebrand: I love the feeling of being sharpened. On a side note, which I might have mentioned before, Methodists seem to be very interactive in the online sense. I think that by and large they’re inculcated with a mind for mission and the internet is certainly fertile soil and being tilled by them.

Secondly I’ve been putting together a website for the church: The aim is for it to be interactive by utilizing a blog platform. I’m finding the look and feel elements as well as the design aspects a bit challenging.

Thirdly I’ve been playing around with Google maps:

Do yourself a favour and click on some of the little pin points. I’m completely blown away by how helpful this little application has been to do a bit of planning and strategy for next year’s studies.

Forth I’ve been messing around: It’s a hobby and I need to chill a bit more.

Now I’m off to finish Shōgun. Sore teeth are as good an excuse as any to unwind a bit :).


2 thoughts on “Am I allowed to just chill?

  1. Chilling out? What do you think the Sabbath is about?
    Hope you lose that toothache soon. But if I know dentists, they will want you to go through a course of antibiotics to get rid of the abscess before they will do a root canal and crown the tooth.
    Then you can really enjoy your Sabbath rest.

  2. Hi there Mike,

    We don’t do “Sabbath” in the “kosher” sense of the word but it has been a day of rest.

    The tooth is in fact doing a lot better. A friend down the street had some seriously good pain killers that he gave me. They only kicked in after about ½ and hour. I woke up the next day I was a bit sensitive. Today I feel a lot better, sensitivity and pain gone.

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