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I’ve been blogging since the 19th of February 2009. I’ve published 106 posts. In all that time my Technorati authority has not moved. Not even one notch.

I read this afternoon that Carpenter’s Shoes‘, a blog I follow, Technorati authority has been fluctuating between 700 and 120. Well done Jenny, but seriously, what have I been doing wrong all this time?

I’ve gone to Technorati, deleted my current blog and am attempting to recreate a new one. Let’s see if I get anywhere.



One thought on “Technorati

  1. I joined Technorati about four years ago, and back then it was quite useful. It gave you a home page where you could see at a glance the top tags and things like that. From the top tags I discovered that people were blogging about things I had never heard of, like Twitter, and Paris Hilton and Steven Furrtick.

    You could search to find who was blogging about your favourite topis, and much more.

    Then someone decided that this wasn’t bringing in enough ad revenue or something, so they decided to take everything off your home page an d make it hard to find, so that you would look at more pages while looking for it, and so increase their ad revenure. I still haven’t discovered where the top tags lurk.

    And now they seem to be like the Sunday tabloids — all sex, soccer and celebs.

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