e-Sword (Chapel Training and Equipping)

e-Sword Home

e-Sword, The Sword of the LORD with an electronic edge. Click image to follow link to web site.

This afternoon Dr Franklin Jabini, who is the head of the Undergraduate School at the South African Theological Seminary, covered e-Sword as part of the Training and Equipping programme at Midrand Chapel.

I’ve been using the application for a few years, primarily as a quick search database, concordance and word study tool. Even being familiar with the interface I learnt one or two new features today, like:

  • There’s a daily reading planner. Now I wouldn’t find it terribly useful as I follow a study plan but if byte [sic] sized chunks of Scripture are your thing then check out the tutorial to get started (follow the link in green).
  • The Scripture memorization and prayer request tool also was new to me, but again I’ve kinda got something working for me in this department so I don’t see myself using these functions.
  • The STEP reader was really interesting and when Franklin mentioned that John MacArthur’s entire New Testament commentary had been available in October for less than $50 I started to put a Christmas list together in mind :).
  • He also covered some of the search functionality that I was already familiar with and the repository for maps and graphics.
  • The biggest take home for me was some insight into Robertson’s Word Pictures in the New Testament. Read the marketing blurb for the optional package. “Robertson’s magnum opus has a reputation as one of the best New Testament word study sets. Providing verse-by-verse commentary, it stresses meaningful and pictorial nuances implicit in the Greek but often lost in translation. And for those who do not know Greek, exegetical material and interpretive insights are directly connected with studies in the original text. All Greek words are transliterated.” I’ll be downloading it tonight.

e-Sword Home

John Wesley (pictured above) was a well known evangelism and proponent of Arminianism and one of the founders of the Methodist church. In contrast Arthur Pink was a evangelist and Biblical scholar known for his Calvinist and Puritanish teachings. Click image to enlarge.

Got access to the internet and capacity to download stuff? Go check out this free resource:

  • The Base package is about 30MB.
  • About 84 different Bible versions can be downloaded. (If Liezl reads this, I wouldn’t mind the paid for NASB for Christmas honey).
  • There are a whole lot of free commentries available for download. Two words of caution. Firstly, most of the free downloads are material in the Public Domain. Now if you know me you know I love Public Domain tools, however these are old, so the language is sometimes unclear and the thought process is also sometimes disconnected from the 21st Century conversation. Secondly, this isn’t a Despensational, Calvinistic, Lordship Salvation information repository. As such there’s a degree of discernment needed when handling some of the content. For example John Wesley is found alongside Arthur Pink

Training and Equipping is held once a month at Midrand Chapel and is aimed at practical Christian living and tools. Last month 22 people headed to a mosque in Laudium to get some insight into Muslim living and faith as part of outreach and evangelism training. Midrand Chapel is in Pitzer Road, Glen Austin. Wanna find it:

Know any another free tools I should be using?


10 thoughts on “e-Sword (Chapel Training and Equipping)

    • Hi Michael,

      I’ve got your blog in my RSS list. I imagined you’d’ve liked Wesley.

      The people I talk to the most online disagree with many of my Theological distinctives. That said they pretty much disagree with everyone else’s distinctives too. We’re a very unhomogenous bunch aren’t we?

      A common denominator is Jesus. Specifically that He came, died and rose again and that belief in Him is the only way to eternal life. Normally I’d throw repentance in there as well for good measure.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      P.S. You asked about the top 5 books on my shelf a while back. What are the top 5 music tracks that have influenced your life?

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