Kathryn’s collarbone

My youngest daughter, Kathryn, has broken her collarbone. Such is the growing process I suspect. If you know her please hold her up in your prayers as God heals her body. Also pray that God will use this incident to His glory in her life.

Left: Penrith kids are tough. Not so tough that they don’t get hurt mind you. This photo show’s Kathryn sporting her new fashion accessory, a sling. Right: It’s to the upper left of the X-Ray. The break is clean, the bone is misaligned and separated by a gap of 2mm. Click any photo to enlarge.

I’m happy in the certain knowledge that God uses the good and bad to achieve His purposes. Case in point, think of Joseph speaking to his brothers at the end of Genesis,

20 “As for you, you meant evil against me, {but} God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.

Many thanks, In Christ and for His glory,


How has God used situations in your life to His glory?


9 thoughts on “Kathryn’s collarbone

    • Hi Jenny,

      When we took her to the doctor he wasn’t to sure if it was even broken. We had the X-Ray only as a precaution. Kids are amazing.

      I enjoyed your son’s homework assignment by the way.

    • I will.

      Now that she has a sling all she needs is a wooden leg and an eye patch and she’ll be as cool as uncle Ivan.


      Her sister has learnt that by spreading her body and belly flopping she can distribute the impact of a fall across a wider surface area. They were practicing this technique from the top of a rather large tree. Older sister got it right, younger sister might need traction, everyone learnt something :).

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