Annual Sola 5 Conference

Annual Sola 5 Conference will be at Brackenhurst Baptist Church

“Tota et Sola Scriptura”, “Sola Gratia”, “Solus Christus”, “Sola Fide”, “Soli Deo Gloria”. It’s Latin, nobody has a clue what it means anymore.

“Hey honey, can I go to a conference this Saturday?”

You know you’ve just gotten back from a real good holiday when your wife, in answer to that question and without so much as any indication to the contrary, says, “Sure dear.”

Starting Thursday and going on till Sunday is the Annual Sola 5 Conference. It will be held at Brackenhurst Baptist Church, Alberton, South Africa (see map below). The theme is Six Attributes of God Centred Churches.

Actually I’m not really much of a conference junkie. However, as I get older and balder the idea of sitting around with other equally old and bald people seems less intimidating somehow. Of course there’s no way I’d know if people who go to conferences are old and bald because I’m not really much of a conference junkie (mmm, this is circular).

I’m really looking forward to this one. You see for the past 12 years or so I’ve had the uncorfortable feeling that I was alone. I come from an Anglican background and everyone knows there’s 100,000,000 Anglicans for every Atheist in the world. That makes for safety in numbers. Very comfortable.

When I started going to church as an adult I joined a non demoninational elder led church. It almost bucked every sense and sensibility I had at the time. Even our pastor, a nice guy named John, hadn’t been trained in some recognizable South African theological institute which would have given us some semblance of acceptability (I think he went to DTS and of course the last statement is tic).

Grave Singogo will be a speaker at the Annual Sola 5 Conference which will be held at Brackenhurst Baptist Church

Grave Singogo is from the Evangel Baptist Church, Lusaka, Zambia and will be talking on Enriched Service on Saturday morning.

So for the longest time I thought we were alone. A little band of Christians in the North of Joburg verses the heathen masses.

Over time my fears have been waylaid. I met Virl Tait from Grace Christian Church in Gerministon and Wayne Gordon from Santon Bible Church in Douglasdale. Later I met David Brown and Brent Meyers from Mountain View Bible Church in Alberton and Joel James from Grace Fellowship in Pretoria. And there’s Doug and Gorden… the list goes on. This week though I’m looking forward to fellowship with a broad range of folk from churches all over the place that… well… that look just like me (old and balding).

Of course now I’m only left with one last problem: How am I going to get the Biblical Worldview Conference at Antioch Bible Church (in two weeks time) past Liezl?

I’m starting to get real smart. this is a Google Maps object embedded… It’s where the conference will be:

You attending? You attending something else? What do you think of Christian conferences? The follow up to this article can be found here.


5 thoughts on “Annual Sola 5 Conference

  1. Annual Sola 5 Conference. In time will this become a tradition, sounds like a great theme to uphold for future generations.

    Who knows perhaps in time Grave Singogo will be honoured as one of the “good leaders” from the Evangel Baptist Church.


  2. Six attributes of God centered churches? I hope you are going to share what these are and you insights from the conference. It’s sounds interesting.

    • Hi there,

      I’ve been following what’s going on in you ministry with a whole lot of interest at the moment. Thanks for the frequent updates. It helps us people on this side of the world have a understanding of what’s going on in the broader church.

      I’ll definitely take careful notes and post them.

      In Christ,


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