My blogroll update

A couple of blogs have fallen off my blogroll in the last few months and one or two have been added on. No time to go through them all but here’s information on the losers and the first four three winners.

The winners

Bishop’s Blog

David Thomson, the bishop of Huntingdon collects churches and writes about medieval stuff. I’m a total geek so I have an affinity for the mundane (oops, rereading the post I realized I used the wrong word. Guess I meant academic). He’s Anglo Catholic which I presume means he’s a tad conservative and that’s a good thing because he can offset a few of the other characters I have on my watch list. I guess I’ve also being adding a number of Yanks to the roll lately so I needed a Brit to balance things out. The Catholic part of that Anglo Catholic thing comes out with his fascination of church saints. We’re not exactly eye to eye Theologically with everything.

Contact Online Weblog

So I was brought up Anglican. Granted it was low church and evangelical (in the Bible based sense of the word). Anyway when I was a kid my parents attended a church called St Hugh’s. It was a beautiful building with stained glassed win… mmm, maybe not now. Anyway the pastor was Fr David MacGregor. I remember him as being a rather large, red cheeked man with a mighty laugh. I thought he was great. Contact Online Weblog represents an island in the middle of a raging storm. It’s very conservative and very Anglican. I go there daily to catch up with what’s happening abroad. Much of the content comes from Anglican Mainstream.


I like chatting to people that are different to me. Steve Hayes is different. And yet maybe not so much as I first thought. He is Orthodox for a start. That in itself is interesting and I am constantly having to wiki and Google stuff when I read his posts because our world views are quite disparate. Then, on top of that, he describes himself as liberal? That I haven’t managed to figure that one out yet. Maybe it’s a tactical red herring. He is also quite old school (in a South African religious liberation sense) which I relate too because of shared experience. He was the first South African blog I read.

The Losers

Pete Wilson is WithoutWax.TV. He’s a pastor but you’d hardly know. I guess you could call him ueber cool. Thing is he mostly blogs about his vacations and asks life questions. I guess I just got bored. I really enjoyed when he focussed on ministry outreach.

Wayne Mack writes God Change. He isn’t the most frequent poster on planet; the last time was back in 2007 before the global credit crunch. As a sidebar: The pastor of the church he attends (Grace Fellowship) is going to be the facilitator at our church camp this weekend. Looking forward to that!

I’m not too sure when Expect the Unexpected fell off my radar. He wasn’t all that bad and his heart was in it. I guess all the The Shack evangelizing and the interpretive painting as an act of worship during services might have been the tipping point for me?

JollyBlogger is a cool Presbyterian. There’s no good reason why I don’t still check him out regularly.

So that’s it for now. I left a few interesting blogs out. Next time. Any other blogs I should be reading? I’m really wanting to find some good South African content.


3 thoughts on “My blogroll update

  1. I see I still made the cut but perhaps just by the hair of my chinny chin chin, to quote the nursery rhyme. Of course, when the title of your blog starts with a “T,” one can’t expect top billing. I COULD change the name to AAAAA Lighthearted Calvinist and zip up to the top of the three blog lists I’m on. Then again, perhaps not.

    Did you get the email I sent a few days ago?

    • Hi there,

      Yes you made the cut (if anyone wants to check out The Lighthearted Calvinist click here).

      Thing is you’re a bit too close to me Theologically to make for interesting writing. I mean other than the whole Limited Atonement thing :) I’m still trying to warp [sic] my mind around that one.

      How about A Lighthearted Calvinist. I’ve be studying language this year and I much prefer indefinite articles to definite ones for ranking purposes.

      I don’t think I did. I might have deleted it thinking it was spam. Would you please send it again.

      Thanks for dropping a comment.

  2. Check your email. I used the Hotmail acct.

    Check out Gordon Clark and Vincent Cheung – I’m in their camp(s) on free will and the ultimate source of evil. THAT makes for some interesting discussions.

    Since blogrolls tend to be alphabetic, mine usually ends up near the bottom. At least I’m not as far down as “Zoo-loving Calvinist” or something.

    “The,” to many who hold the stereotypical view of the dour Calvinist, would indicate one too many, much less “A,” indicating there may in fact be more than one out there.

    I thought I said somewhere else I’d be willing to test your social button, but if not, I am. Although it may not help since you use the same swell template I do.


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