Chapter 2

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I spent the next few weeks dodging Father Thomas. Not in a Spy vs Spy kind of way, I just didn’t move in the same circles as him and so tended not to be in the same places he was.

But in October Susan Cramer died.

Sue was a good friend of our family. It was cancer, and from what my mother said she’d suffered terribly towards the end. A week before her death I had gone around to my parent’s house arriving when my mother got home from a hospital visit. She was in tears, totally choked up; it left me with a frog in my throat. I suspect that there was some relief when Sue finally passed on. All that pain and suffering ended.

I suited up that Thursday and took my mother to the funeral. The church was packed out. Everyone was there including Nancy but we didn’t get to chat.

The service was pleasantly short but the sermon really left me feeling a bit uncomfortable. Father Thomas preached about two men, a rich man and a poor man named Lazarus. I wasn’t really paying attention to the whole thing but I do remember that Lazarus died, finding himself in heaven, and the rich man died, ending up in hell.

After dropping the bomb shell of the lake of fire, with torment and agony, Father Thomas happily announced that we’d see Susan Crammer again one day in heaven.

What? It all sounded really unfair. What about those who didn’t buy into all this stuff? What about those that didn’t know? What about the people that would never hear? Were they all doomed to the fire to spend eternity with the rich man? Where’s the grace and mercy and love in that? I thought God was a God of love and mercy and whatever. It just didn’t make sense.

And what about me?

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