Speed, fine, pay

stop, stop! ek is ‘n spietkop

Time was tight. I’d just left the office and was on my way to pick Kaitlyn up from school so that I could head home and collect Liezl and Kathryn. The girls then needed to be rushed across town and dropped at their aunt’s in order for Liezl and me to make it to a funeral service at Honeyridge Baptist Church. As I drove down Main Road, heading towards Blue Hills, I saw the flashing blue lights and scurrying activity of a police road block ahead and knew that the plan was in the process of unraveling.

Winding down my window I looked up at the cop. He smiled back. “Can I see your drivers licence please sir?”


He glanced at the licence and politely asked, “Do you have any outstanding fines and would you mind if I check?”

“None to my knowledge and go right ahead.”

He walked round the car, checking the vehicle’s licence disk, the tire tread, the registration plates and the crack on the win screen which I really need to get repaired. Finally he headed to a white panel van to return 5 minutes later clutching a white piece of paper.

“Mr Pengrith [sic], you have three outstanding fines…” my heart sank, I couldn’t get arrested and locked up, not today. Not ever! And my cellphone’s battery was flat, how’d I phone Liezl to come bail me out. My heart started to pound and my hands got clammy. Almost apologetically in the same breath he added, “…don’t worry, there’s no warrant pending on any of them.”

Whew. My ears were still burning. Let me explain why:

I’m not the world’s best driver but I might be one of the world’s most cautious drivers. I drive like Mrs Daisy. I mean really, really slowly, excruciatingly carefully and painfully law-abidingly. As a result I’ve kinda elevated my own sense of piety and happily pass judgement on every vehicle infringement that I spot happening around me. The Merc that skipped the line to get onto the freeway, that taxi which dangerously zigzags through the traffic on the M1 between Grayston and Marlboro, that BMW which speed past at way over the 120km per hour limit on the N1. But now, with three outstanding traffic fines, I no longer have a pedestal.

I’ve transgressed the law and have been held accountable for my actions. Now I will need to pay the fine. Just like everyone else.

God’s economy is much the same. Scripture says,

“for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God,”

and later,

“…the wages of sin is death…”

Thing is that we all transgressed God’s holy standard whether in thought, word, deed or what we have left undone and just like on earth, where there is a cost to traffic infringements, in heaven there is a penalty for our sin.

John 3:16 is the well known kernel of God’s answer to man’s problem of sin but how often are people presented with the truth John 3:36

“He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him”.

Unless one accepts Jesus as Lord and Saviour of one’s life the penalty remains unpaid and the wrath of God abides. What a fearful thing to be a Sinner in the Hands of an Angry God.

How’s your driving? How do you balance this dual nature of God? Do you believe in God’s wrath? Have you experienced His love?


2 thoughts on “Speed, fine, pay

  1. Great article.

    I thought they only did checks like that here in the States.
    We call them “Revenue” checkpoints.

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