Top 5 blogs I followed in February

I’ve been blogging for 2 weeks or so. In that time I’ve check out a few other blogs for some tips and direction. This is the short list.


WithoutWax.TV is put together by Pete Wilson. He is the pastor at Cross Point Church. So far I’ve enjoyed some of his witty commentary. I’ve tried to follow links to find a Statement of Faith of what Cross Point Church teaches and practises, but so far no joy. He is regular, cool and writes well. I like the look and feel and format. Discernment is important to me so I’ll follow up on some of his doctrinal stances over the next month.

Shark Bait’s Reef

Shark Bait’s Reef is written by a fish which looks a bit like Nemo but without the one floppy fin (my kids are 3 and 5 and I pick up stuff). He’s Anglican but I like him anyway. We also both come from Ibhayi. He quotes C.S. Lewis. He’s kinda quirky and so am I. um, did I mention he is a fish? Actually he’s a clown fish… not sure if that makes any difference? He comments on stuff happening directly in life. It’s a personal blog detailing a spiritual walk.

God Change

Wayne Mack writes at God Change. I have a deep respect for Wayne. A few years ago I spent a chunk of a year doing a Biblical Counselling course which he taught, which in part changed the value that I put in Scripture. This isn’t an easy blog to read. He doesn’t dance around easy to understand stuff. It’s meat rather than milk. He also doesn’t update it that frequently. It’s heavy going but edifying. * I went and checked Wayne’s blog out just now and realised he hasn’t posted anything in like 2 years.

Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected is run by a guy named Richard. I’ve read some of his blogs relating to music, worship and Christian service. He quotes C.S. Lewis. Go check out his comments on “Jesus Is Your Boyfriend” for an introduction to his style of writing and thought process. I for one commented. I’m not sure of his theology and will read a bit deeper into his blog over the next month. So far I like his honest, blunt approach to topics.


The latest blog I’ve added to my watch list is JollyBlogger. It is put together by David Wayne who serves as the pastor of Glen Burnie Evangelical Presbyterian Church. I’m sure they could probably do with an acronym like GBEPC because that’s a mouth full (I noticed their website address is more palatable). I like Presbyterians on the balance of things. I know they’re covenantal, but you can’t have everything right, can you:)? More importantly they’re evangelical in the original sense of the word, the good sense. The blog sports a C.S. Lewis quote on the blog’s banner. That seems to be a common denominator in my watch list doesn’t it? He writes from person experience, commentates on topical issues and quotes Martin Lloyd-Jones, Spurgeon and the ilk. I like his raw honesty, openness, relevance and sense of humour. I’d like to blog like this.

Are there any sites that I have to go and check out?


7 thoughts on “Top 5 blogs I followed in February

  1. I don’t need to read Pete’s statement of faith. Anyone who can juggle a bowling ball and a machette at the same time must have good theology! (Or at least 300 Alan Boesak Angels watching him)

    Yes, that was a joke.

    But on a more serious note..

    Exodus 23:20-23
    Psalm 91:11-12
    Matthew 18:10

    I’m not suggesting that these are evidence, or proof, of guardian angels. Only that these might be verses people use.

    Of course if you are an Apocrapha kind of guy, you might also look at Judith 13:20 “As the same Lord lives, his angel has been my keeper both going hence and abiding there, and returning from there here”

    I note that the 300 Alan Boesak Angels were Anglican. Interesting that. You shouldn’t be so rude about Anglicans. We’re getting into heaven before you are you know. (See 1 Thessalonians 4:16b)


  2. Thanks! Yeah, this is about all you should know about me from my blog. As far as my theology, I lean calvinist in theology, but I’m the token conservative in a fairly liberal ministry ( I’d like to think of myself as Calvinist in thought but compatablist in attitude :).

    That’s right. I think Calvinism is right, but it is arrogant because it knows it’s right.

    • Hi Richard,

      I really enjoyed reading Jesus Is Your Boyfriend? A Valentines Rumination and Music and Lies. It was an absolute connect with me.

      Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself. I don’t like just recommending a blog, book, church or anything for that matter to anyone without reminding people of their need to practise discernment. That is certainly going to come up in a blog in the very near future. Thanks for the inspiration, uh, that’s inspiration with a lower case “i” ;).

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