Well pleased

A family portrait.

My routine on Monday mornings starts with thumping the snooze button on the alarm clock. This happens a few times. When I finally resolve to get moving I’m invariably later than I should be. It becomes a blur really. Shower, teeth, shave. Dress, eat, vitamins. Kiss the wife, kiss the kids, get in the car. Relax, in the gridlock traffic on the way to the office. A flat spin, no time for variance or deviance.

Yesterday, as I was hurtling towards the car in my single minded pursuit to get to the office on time, my daughter resolutely stood blocking my path and said, “Daddy.”

The time, look at the time! Make it quick! You’ve got to get out of here!

“Yes love?” I replied as casually as I could so as not to give away my impatience at being stopped.

“Daddy, I woke early this morning to draw you something,” Kaitlyn said, holding up a small piece of paper with some funny characters on it.

“mmm. That’s lovely. Daddy has to go. See you later. Bye.”

Masterfully deflected Mark. Now go, go, go!

“Daddy, don’t you want to know the story? I woke up really early to do it for you.”

What do you say to that? 15 minutes later I knew who each Person in the drawing was, what they were wearing, what colour it was, why the ball had spots on it and why my crown was bigger than anyone else’s. It was time well spent. But now I’m late. I have to go. Hurry, hurry, hurry. I pick up my laptop and make a getaway for the door.

A ladder.

I look down. The three year old is grinning up at me.

“Yes love?” I replied.

“Daddy, it’s for you. It’s special,” Kathryn said holding up a small piece of paper with some squiggles on it. “I did it for you daddy. This morning.”

“um, Kathryn my love, what is it?” I asked out of genuine curiosity.

“It’s a ladder. For office time,” she answered.

Now I’m an IT consultant, ladders don’t often come in handy, but I loved that she had thought of me. I was well pleased by both of my girls. I laughed, hugged them and went to the office in a fine mood

As I considered how much the girls had pleased me yesterday I questioned, “What can I do that would please God?” Well the writer to the Hebrews says in chapter 11 verse 6:

6 And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.”

Want to hear the verse in context? Hebrews 11
What is this about?

So it seems that faith is to God as little pieces of paper with squiggles on them is to me.


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